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As a way of honoring Dean’s life, we present this page of tributes to him,
Long tributes include only their openings followed by a link to the complete text.

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Dr. Dean Brown was one of the most remarkable persons I have ever encounter -- a true Renaissance Man! I met Dean through Dr. Jean Millay over fifteen years ago. At the time he was C.E.O. of the Picodyne Corporation. One of his immediate concerns was to extend and generalize the fundamentals of contemporary science in a rigorous way that would lead to a formal means for the exploration of inner space. After talking with Dean, I invited him to speak to the Foundation for Mind-Being Research. On May 27, 1988 he discussed "Meta-Science and Meta-Technologies."

For more emphasis on Dean's relationship to FMBR, click here; more by Bill Gough

Dean Brown was one of the most versatile people I have ever known. More than that, however, he was a person of great love, humility, and generosity of spirit.

I thought of Dean as my best friend during the past ten years or so. We spent hours every week together in conversation - even after I moved from California to Nevada. And, during the time I hosted the "Virtual U" radio program for the Wisdom Network, Dean was my most regular guest.

   For information on Dean's many areas of expertise and interest, click here; more by Jeffery Mishlove

Jeffrey Mishlove's remembrance of Dean Brown captures a sense I have, but didn't know quite how to capture it. Some of the most delightful and substantial moments of my life have been spent with Dean, walking through a wetland occupied by moose in the Arcata area, waking in the morning at his Aunt's house to poems that matched the spring air, walking through the garden he loved at Filoli, he noticed that my Irish blue wool cape is the color of the morning glories. I remember Dean noticing that my dog was very devoted to me, staying by my feet, and inviting me to bring him to Picodyne so we could be together.

For more memories of Dean as a caring and interested person, click here; more by Ann McCormick

In Memoriam

"Llena la preciosa copa de mar dorado
y entrégamela a mí.
Deja que el vino añejo pase de invitado en invitado,
con las burbujas brillando como perlas en el pecho
como si hubiera despojado a la noche de su oscuridad.
¡Wa Alá! ¡Míralo espumar y sonreir en cientos de copas!
Ha sido extraído de un racimo de estrellas."

Ibn Quzman.

Diletaste cor meum
Alicia Gutiérrez

Fill the precious cup of the golden sea and bring it to me.
Let the vintage wine pass from guest to guest,
With bubbles sparkling like a string of pearls,
As if the clouds cleared from the night sky
Voila! Look at it foam, and smile in hundreds of drinks
It has been pulled out from a cluster of stars.

During the year that we worked together, Dean and I often walked to the local deli at lunchtime. We would talk -- about the company's future, Hermann Hesse's Magister Ludi, plants he would notice along the way, the connections among things. As a young man just out of graduate school, full of questions and excitement about the world, I eagerly consumed this feast. One day, as we were eating our sandwiches, we got to talking about food. "The secret to losing weight," he said sagely, "is eating less cheese."

Thank you, Dean, for your attention.

-- Marvin Zauderer

Harold Dean Brown: a Tribute, from Saul-Paul Sirag

Two years ago when I was visiting Dean on his 73rd birthday, I found out that he had probably met my grandfather in South Dakota, where Dean was born and raised and went to college. My grandfather was a Congregational minister at Eagle Butte on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. This was were I began first grade in 1946. Dean said that he often visited that reservation and was familiar with that church. He was especially tickled by my memory of chasing and corralling tumble-weeds as if they were stray cattle.

For more personal stories about Dean and a bit more history, click here; more by Saul-Paul Sirag

I was sorry to hear about Deans passing over to the other side. He was a great man who followed Einstein’s philosophy.

Dean always believed that the most beautiful things we can experience is the mysterious, for him indeed it was the source of all true art and science and I am sure that he now knows all of G-d’s thoughts and understands that the rest were merely details.

Peace and Love
Uri Geller

Some of the photos Jean Millay collected of Dean for thirty years

They met because of the brainwave light sculpture she and Tim Scully developed in 1972. Dean suggested to Russell Targ that she might help him with his study of Uri Geller’s abilities. Over the years she pursued her photographic hobby by taking pictures of various events and projects. Some of these images, rarely shown, are now offered to Dean’s family and friends with grateful acknowledgement of the incredible influence he had on her life and that of others, and because of the extensive creativity that bubbled from the amazing reach of his mind.

There is a selection of pictures, with some text at Picture Album
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My Memories of Dean Brown - by Ted Kahn

               picker of buttercups
And the big bullying daisies
                        through the field wonderful
with eyes a little sorry
Another comes
               also picking flowers"
n e.e. cummings

Dean was my teacher, my first real mentor, my friend and a friend of my whole family, a fellow student of Torah and Kabbalah,, my colleague and business partner, and a member of our extended family. In addition to all the different forms of involvement he had with me for many, many years, he also introduced both my wife, Frona, and my mother, Zelma Kahn, to Transcendental Meditation-a gift of timeless, infinite value.

For further insights into Dean as mentor and friend, click here; more by Ted Kahn

Deep wisdom flowed from warm and smiling eyes,
Eagerly searching the wondrous universe,
Asking life to share its amazing secrets,
Now serene in quiet repose.

Bringing love and humor to our hearts,
Raising dreams and hopes to greater heights,
Often bringing the deepest knowing through his kindness,
Willing insight from every word to flow,
Now he speaks forever through our lives..

In memoriam, Richard B. Miles, 6/29/03

I open my mouth to let
           the part of Dean Brown
           that is in me go where
           it needs to.

It flows from my toes and
           groin, through the chakras
In, out, with my breath, in
           both directions, in all directions.

The corners of my mouth dry,
           My tongue searches.
           Is it a scream, a moan,
           a hymn, a murmer of
           the wind in pine trees
           that silently hovers near
           my lips?

I want to tell the world
          that we were connected,
           that he changed my life,
           me, everything. That even
           after twenty three years of silence
           the broken connection

My other self says, "There are hundreds like you,
           you have no claim on him."
And I reply
           It isn't a claim.
           Just love.

Liza Loop

I met Dean Brown when I first entered ministerial school. We were at a retreat and I was blessed to be sitting at a table with four other students and Dr. Brown. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. Dean Brown was not only brilliant, he could talk to anyone about anything. Love and respect permeated the conversations and the table was alive with knowledge, inquiry and wisdom.

I will treasure my classwork with Dr. Brown and the moments at that table will live in my heart forever.

Cynthia James
Ministerial Graduate of Holmes Insitute

Empty Fullness and the End to Seeking

Perhaps the most revealing Dean Brown story I know is a personal experience that Dean shared with me a few months ago as we were studying the concept of "empty fullness" in the Prajna-paramita ("Perfection of Wisdom") scripture of Buddhism-part of our work in the Unfolding Images of Life Project soon to be posted at www.fmbr.org/life.

For this epiphany story from Dean's life, click here; from Oliver Markley

Dean Brown- A Friend

I was introduced to Dean as a practicing cardiac anesthesiologist looking for a computer solution to the vagaries of obtaining payment for my efforts to be useful to mankind. Dean had then only recently left SRI and formed Picodyne. He came to my home office for the first meeting and just sat and watched my wife do her work of billing and collecting for my labors that kept me away from the family for insanely long hours. That power of observing life and synthesizing the identified components into the question that begged for solution was in synchrony with my approach to removing people from the autonomous state and creating total dependence on my and my gadgets

To see the complete story, click here; from Delfin J Beltran MD

Tributes from the Dean Brown Memorial, June 29, 2003

An empty page, an empty book, a space to be found, to be filled, to be explored.
My experience of Dean was always of a man relentless exploring, always curious, always turning to the empty page. He wrote long and well upon those pages.
Keep exploring, Dean.
Fare forward.
Lawrence Byrd

Dear Dean,
It is easy to talk of knowing God, but oh so hard to partner with her.
Your metaphysics provided a sound framework—to just open the heart—beyond all that.
I loved you as a mentor, father, and friend.
        Gate, gate
Para gate
        Para sam gate
        Bodhi Svaha.
Love, Kazimierz Gozdz

For Dean,
The very first time we met I remember falling deeply into a conversation that ranged so far and went on and on, much to our mutual delight. We talked about what life is, life in the Dakota, the meaning of things, Schroedinger and Vedanta, and communication between species. At the end, you turned to me with a peaceful silence and said, “Sylver, we’ve already covered everything of importance; the rest is just punctuation.” Buber once said, “all real living is meeting.” I have had you with me twice since our first meeting. I am so grateful for that.
Sylver Quevedo

Dear Dean
I was lucky enough to share some wonderful hours with you in conversation and listening to music. One of those times was a January morning when you came to visit Bill and me. At that meeting you played a CD of some of the music you had composed!
I had never realized you composed music at all. Also, you asked if we’d want to listen to a CD of Arvo Pärt’s music. It turned out to be an incredibly beautiful piece and later, I bought it for my collection. I had always remembered those special hours of the very special day.
With love, Marion M. Gough

I will always remember the days we spent together. I had so much fun exchanging ideas with you. Thanks for teaching me so much and working together on our joint papers. Will miss you, thanks for being there. I appreciate your wisdom, kindness, and humility.
With love, Bill Gough

Thank you for being part of my life. I will share my being with you in the future.
XO. Larry MacDonald

Dean and I shared 30 years of insatiable curiosity—from SRI to Uri Geller, to Sunyata and Miracles of Mind. I will always love him and remain his devoted student.

We have to become clear as glass,
So the Divine can shine through.
                  Meister Eckhart
Thank you for showing the way.
Ruth-Inge Heinze

You have always shown everyone your godlike quality and loving way that touched the hearts of everyone around you—that special quality that makes greatness. You are so special in a world of indifference with your pervasive intelligence that penetrates the truth and reveals it. Thank you so much for sharing yourself unselfishly and being “one” with us all.
Virginia Cates

I hope we can meet again, somewhere, somehow.
Hew Crane

It was a pleasure to know you and we will miss you Dean. Your level of knowledge always made me want to learn more.
Ria Loohs

My heart is with you as you go through the deep grieving of losing your cherished husband. May you and your kids give yourself plenty of room and time to feel sad and to celebrate Dean’s life. Hearing from others, I understand what a special person he was. I also honor you and give your specialness.

With utmost appreciation thanks, love and respect.
Gary Escobedo

With gratitude and peace.
Ted and Frona Kahn

Blessings from /to the green field.
Love, Jim Johnston

We have friends in heaven
Most importantly, a friend—‘
Who will take what is “time”
To observe—carefully
Our hearts and souls Forever.
Forever yours—Forever ours
Forever God’s beloved one. Dean Brown
Love, Lyndall Demeaure?

You were such an inspiration.
Ronn Wiegand

Hi Ho!
Dean Brown
Bald Eagle

Dean and Wendy—
Its impossible to say one name and not think of the other. My life has been gladdened, my mind challenged, my body refreshed, my heart made more joyful in the many times we’ve visited.
Gracious in hospitality, generous in spirit, and jewels in my circle of friends. I love you.

A friend who always zapped me into my center.
There was none better at this.
I always loved him and Wendy—best of friends to me and me to them.
Love always, Elyse

When my grandfather passed away, we came back to the house very much like we have gathered here today. He spoke clearly to me as I was standing in the living room. “You only have what you give away.” Dean has given so much—he is a wealthy being.
Love, Jane

We love you and your wonderful family so much.
Thank you all for making us a part of your family. We feel so much love for you and Wendy and the boys.
You are with us always and forever.
Much love and blessings.
Namaste, Teresa and Vaughan

In a short time I felt so respected and seen by you. Thank you for the gift of your humility and love.
Alzak A.

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