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November, 2008

From the Editor

By the time this newsletter reaches you, elections will be over and you will have made your choices based on either fear and hate, or hope and change. When confronted with a constant barrage of war and terrorism, hope and change always seem very idealistic. As a flower child of the ‘60s, I was extremely idealistic and always thought that the world would be a better place if everyone got along and we stopped bombing each other to death. That was
40 years ago. Some of us tuned in, turned on, and dropped in, in hopes that we could change the status quo from the inside out. I know better now. Wishing, hoping, and fighting the system don’t create lasting public policy change. What we didn’t realize is that old systems must die before new ideas can come to fruition and become permanent structures. I’ve also learned that living in fear and constant dread of a potential terrorist attack, which is what I and everyone here in the U.S. have been exposed to over the last 7 years, is not what I want to focus on--not now or anytime in the future.

Since 9/11/01, I keep going back to 40 years ago. I keep thinking, what was so special about the
‘60s and early ‘70s that has me reassessing that period of time? How can I possibly use this knowledge to propel me into a more positive future? In answer, I keep coming back to hope and change; the hope that because those of us who lived in the ‘60s now understand how public policy and public opinion operate, we can now bring about that change with understanding, clarity, and purpose.

The elections are over but rather than live in fear and terror, I cling to hope and change. As far as my mental health and this country’s mental health, I don’t believe we have any better choice. We either go down the dark path of fear and despair, or we start to build our future by falling back on the visions and beliefs that we held in the ‘60s; this time bringing them to fruition using the knowledge, wisdom, experience, and buying power that we gained as a result of our lessons and diverse journeys.

January 23 & 24, 2009
Lecture and Workshop

FMBR welcomes back Dr. Beverly Rubik, biophysicist and President of the Institute for Frontier Science. Dr. Rubik will discuss the biological terrain of the body on Jan. 23rd and then, in a separate workshop on Jan. 24th, she will provide individual measurements of our biological terrain using live blood analysis on a dark field microscope.

Congratulations to Amber Balk and her husband who had their first baby in September! We will miss Amber while she’s on leave of absence and look forward to her return sometime next year!!!

October, 2008

From the Editor

As I write this, U.S. financial institutions are on the verge of collapse, as is our healthcare system, our energy system, our transportation system, our public education system and the remainder of our country’s infrastructure. These systems, many of which were built and expanded in the 20th century, were never meant to last a lifetime. Many of our leaders followed a pattern of building for short-term gain and not for long-term stability.

Following World War II, our economy and our lifestyles changed dramatically. The era ushered in a technological and chemical age that produced mass consumerism. This included homes with multiple appliances, two cars for every family, TV, stereo, and later home computers. It also included new technological equipment for mass production farming, as well as chemicals such as plastics, herbicides, fungicides, and agricultural pesticides. What the era addressed was conspicuous consumption, but it didn’t address over-consumption and pollution, or make the conscious effort to see into the future and note where we were heading. An analogy might be a train that is running full-speed ahead without seeing what’s in front of it or coming around the next turn.
We are now at a pivotal point: we are running out of fuel and will soon experience a head-on collision. There will be no rescue and we can’t wait for a backup train to lead us in another direction. The train that we’re waiting for is the one we must build for ourselves. We must now make the conscious effort to change the direction in which we’ve blindly headed for years.
FMBR wants to build that train. The organization formed 30 years ago to study consciousness; now we must envision and create a new consciousness for the next millennium. We are heading in a new and exciting direction but it will take time. We would like people with exciting ideas, who understand consciousness potentials, to join us and our Board. Please contact us if you’d like to help create future consciousness. It’s time to build and ride a new train of consciousness.

November 28 Program
Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future Now
Dr. Bruce Lipton

Join Dr. Lipton for a discussion of his and Steve Bhaerman’s upcoming book, Spontaneous Evolution. Bruce is a cell biologist and an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit. He is also the author of the popular book, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles (

September, 2008


On Oct. 1, 2008, membership fees will change to $50.00. Your membership will now include:

• Free newsletter and monthly lectures
• Discounted workshops
• Invitations to special events
• Reduced price on DVDs:
              members $20/ others $30


Interested in being a member of the FMBR Board? Can you devote 8 hours a month to perform administrative and other functions?
If so, contact us at by email. Provide a description of your interests and the must-have skills that you can offer us.


October 24, 2008:
There will be a panel discussion of "Sacred Spiritual Sexuality with Stephanie Wadell, M.A., psychologist, sexuality consultant and surrogate sex partner, and Dr. Jenny Wade. researcher, business consultant and ITP faculty member. Stephanie wrote the chapter "The Fire Women" in the book "Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute"

November 28, 2008:
Dr. Bruce Lipton will speak on "Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future Now" --  the title of his upcoming book with Steve Bhaerman. Bruce is a cell biologist and is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit.

January 23 & 24, 2009:
Dr. Beverly Rubik, biophysicist and President of the Institute for Frontier Science, will discuss the biological terrain of the body, and do individual measurements the next day using live blood analysis on a dark field microscope.

May, 2008


This is the last FMBR meeting of this season. Our next meeting will be September 26.

FMBR will be moving to a new meeting location, starting in September. We will send out details in our September newsletter. If you have an idea for a new venue on a monthly basis, free-of-charge ( or low coast ), please contact us at:
info (AT)

FMBR Commentary

Both within the educated esoteric community and the modern new age movement there is much talk about major changes approaching within the coming decades; "end of the world," so to speak, as is pointed to by a number of traditions. Some of the evidence cannot be denied such as astrological and planetary changes. Yet what concerns me is not the truthfulness of the idea or the scale of the change. My concern is of the effect that this idea has on those who are captivated by it.

A wise friend once said on the subject: "We can speak as much as we want about the near end of the world, but for each person it means his personal end. And if you look at it this way, the value of each moment is penetrated by responsibility for the events in this life – for the way that you manage what was given to you by nature. This includes both your own abilities and capabilities (internal resources) and your attitude towards everything that surrounds us. This is why I prefer biosensory personal development, marked by the acceptance of the many-sidedness of life and by being conscious in your choice of actions.” The term biosensory is based on an interconnection of two words meaning elements: bio from the Greek bios (life), meaning in relation to biological objects; and sense from the Latin sentire (to perceive; feel), meaning by application of the sensing apparatus.

Whether the world will end tomorrow or in a billion years, the real question is how each of us will meet that moment. I think that if more of us would be concerned with this instead of other theoretical, sometimes interesting, but in the end irrelevant information, we would find ourselves to be completely different, and life would begin to become a little clearer. To begin to examine those "dirty corners" and the "abandoned attics" within ourselves is where real change begins, bringing us a tiny bit closer to what we long for the most – our real selves. These are the changes in consciousness that collectively could lead to a brighter, more sustainable world.

Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy, FMBR Director of Operations & Board Member

The 25th Conference on Shamanism and Alternative Healing

Will be held:
Date: August 30 - Sept. 1
Place: Santa Sabina Retreat Center, San Rafael, CA
Cost: $250.00 payable to Jurgen Kremer/Shaman Conference
Mail to: Jane Hawes, 1440 Euclid Ave, Berkeley, CA 94708
Addt’l info: Contact - roztaichi1 (AT)

Special Event Recap

FMBR was pleased to sponsor Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing Breathwork on Tue, May 20, 7:30 PM
More details here .

April, 2008

FMBR Workshop

with Dawn Clark

April 26th: The Secrets of the Universe Time: 2PM -5PM
Place: ITP (room to be assigned)
Cost: $75 at the door, $65 prepaid, $35 for students

We each come into this life with a special purpose and gifts which support that purpose. When the web of subtle energy that links us to others and to the earth and its creatures disintegrates, we are left stranded, seeking solutions from our intellect rather than from a heart connection to the field of potential. However, we are a unique thread in the tapestry of existence. Individual healing and global sustainability are intrinsically intertwined in these threads. Through a compelling nexus of science and mysticism, Dawn will reveal the secrets of how to dialogue with the universe and tap the infinite well of creativity, innovation and insight. Dawn’s tools and creative works awaken the best in the human spirit, empowering individuals to access their full potential, unblocking vision, fostering innovation, and even extra-sensory abilities innate to us all. In this workshop:
• Discover a universal technology – access codes for unlocking your abilities to heal and realize your dreams
• Gain awareness of the invisible link between life's traumas and unwanted repeated patterns in life, as well as physical and emotional ailments
• Recognize how your life blueprint can get corrupted and impair your ability to innovate, create, and prosper
• Learn how to dialogue with the universe


May 23rd Speaker

FMBR welcomes back Dr. James V. Hardt, eminent neurofeedback researcher from the Biocybernaut Institute, who will educate us on the subject of “Advanced States of Consciousness through Technology: the Electrophysiological Basis
of Spiritual States.” Dr. Hardt will explain and illustrate how to use neurofeedback and brainwave patterns to heal the core personality, achieve kundalini, see angels, access Akasic records, and view halos.

Join us for this exciting evening and the opportunity to explore the depths of applied consciousness.



Greg Yau, FMBR President, will be launching his educational Qigong program, “Peak Achievement Qigong,” this July in Australia. The program will be accredited by Australia National University (ANU), which is currently working on the training modules and DVDs. A certificate of completion will be awarded to the graduates of the ANU program.

Greg will follow this with a second program launch in China. Congratulations Greg!

From the Editor

The key element of interest in regard to the end-date interpretation of the Mayan long-count calendar is that it converges with all the other Mayan calendars on December 21, 2012 and heralds a solstice/ galactic center alignment that last took place some 13,000 odd years ago. It also is indicative of a time and space shift as we know it, as we pass through the photon belt over the galactic plane, into the galaxy’s “right” hemisphere, the intuitive side of the human and cosmic brain. It additionally represents a cyclical and geologically predictable period of major Earth changes, which are already coming to pass. The Earth will not necessarily change in a flash such as on a specific date as December 12, 2012. The “endtime” prophecy and 2012 date relate to the “final” passage over the galactic plane; one that started, and has been taking place, since the “dawning” of the Age of Aquarius, which began more or less in the 1960s although planet Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998 and engaged “the dream.” But the Age of Aquarius doesn’t really have a specific start date; the transformation is evolving and has more or less been targeted as manifesting after 2024, when planet Pluto moves into Aquarius. The renown astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, gave an estimate of the year 2060. Thus, the December 21, 2012 endtime date serves as the middle doorway in a “tunnel” or wormhole through multidimensional time and space. The last significant galactic alignment was 13,000 years ago, when the summer solstice was aligned with the galactic center and we moved through the galactic plane to the “left” hemisphere of our galaxy. We had the “birth” of a new civilization as evidenced by the Sphinx and Great Pyramid. We had Gods interfacing with humans as evidenced by Egyptian hieroglyphics, with the advent of new technology and a booming and fertile civilization arising in the Middle East. Some-time before that, there were a series of major Earth changes; thus, the rise of this new civilization seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. While our western history books tend to date this rise of civilization more recently, science has proven that our dating systems are wrong. As we again approach this galactic alignment, a new civilization is in the making.

    ( For the full article the above thoughts came from click here ).

March, 2008


April 24th Speaker

Join internationally published author Dawn Clark, who will speak on Humanity Disconnected: Global System Failure and the Missing Piece. Dawn will explain how cancer, phobias, repeated patterns, genocide, and environmental sustainability are all linked. She will further reveal how science, mystical tradition, and paranormal abilities intersect, and how to percieve the world through new eyes and a new consciousness. Last, she will help you to discover your missing piece: how to activate your inherent abililities to heal both yourself and the planet. Lecture: April 25th, Workshop: April 26th. See next month's newsletter for more information.


In one of her rare trips to the U.S. in January, Dr. Natalia Shareyko, M.D., Ph.D., and V.P. of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology, St. Petersburg, Russia, facilitated an interactive session and workshop for the FMBR entitled, Feeling Beyond Your Usual Limits.

The FMBR Board met on Feb. 3rd and Feb. 22nd to discuss the future direction of the organization and how best to meet member and administrative needs. This will be an ongoing process in 2008.

From the Editor

A recent study, by Professor Florence Levy of the University of the New South Wales School of Psychiatry, suggests that our genes may be the cause of autism and Asperger's disorder. The study, published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, found that there were genetic differences in patients with autism, a disease that until recently was thought to be psychological in nature, characterized by repetitious behavior and resistance to change.

Autistic behavior can certainly be observed in social settings where autistic individuals manifest behaviors characteristically different from the norm. But looking at this on a larger scale, and at the behavior of humans in general, might it be possible that groups of humans suffer from a type of "planetary" autism; more specifically, politicians and religious leaders who cannot break their repetitive and destructive behaviors and who resist change to the detriment of humanity and the planet?

This brings up an interesting theory that may also explain an innate and planetary autistic consciousness. If we study the reoccurring cycles of humans on planet Earth, many leaders, particularly fundamentalists, fail to learn from past mistakes be they historical or individual. Are these fundamentalists hardwired into a repetitive, restricted, war-mongering consciousness?

I recently read Zecharia Sitchin's latest book, The End of Days. Sitchin is a linguist and Sumerian scholar who has translated Sumerian tablets and ancient calendar inscriptions. His translations have resulted in many books about human genetic manipulation by the Annunaki Gods, and wars of gods and men. The End of Days details repetitive, non-linear cycles from the perspective of messianic and celestial-based calendars, which imply that the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

Sitchin's findings are that history repeats itself because of the cyclical and repeating nature of planetary cycles and the returning Gods, and what happens above also happens below. While Sitchin does not address genetic manipulation in this particular book, his attention to this in his other books raises some interesting questions. If humankind and the Earth repeat cycles based on the return of the planets as well as our Gods - who genetically created us in their image and historically launched wars among themselves on Earth–then are the messianic return expectations and war-mongering of fundamentalists hardwired by their seemingly autistic makers? Does this predispose them to a self-destructive autistic consciousness?

Many humans seem to be evolving in their consciousness as humanity approaches this so-called "end of days." Some researchers have noted that human DNA is mutating into 12 active strands. Does this mean that our DNA is finally mutating such that we are evolving out of an autistic planetary consciousness? Some seem to be. On the other hand, maybe fundamentalists–who keep repeating endless cycles of war and destruction, and who are resistant to change–are too hardwired to mutate and evolve. Will they all die off, instead, due to their errant ways? Is this what the "end-of-days" is really about?

- Dawn Abel

February, 2008


Bill Gough will be a participant in the core Global-Shift University (GSU) discussions the week of February 10th, 2008. The meetings, to be held in San Francisco, will explore the new GSU initiative. GSU is at an early stage of development with Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Chancellor-designate, and Dr. A. Harris Stone, University President-designate.

The focal areas for the GSU are:
1) Ecological Sustainability, 2) Inner Growth (Personal Development), 3) Corporate Culture Development, and 4) Social and Political Transformation. For additional information, go to:

Special Event Recap

FMBR is pleased to have sponsored Dr. Natalia Shareyko, MD, PhD, and Vice President of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology,
St. Petersburg, Russia, during one of her rare trips to the U.S. last month. Dr. Shareyko facilitated both an interactive session and workshop entitled Feeling Beyond Your Usual Limits.

From the Editor

There is currently a national anxiety that the U.S. is losing its national identity and infrastructure. Those at the top of the old systems – fighting to keep their wealth and power separated from those at the bottom – continue to apply bandaid surgery to our failing infrastructure but that isn’t cutting it anymore. The old structures have reached their peak, are ineffective, and are imploding. As a result, many individuals are breaking away from the old systems to forge a new direction, a new identity, and a new infrastructure, in keeping with the chaos theory.

What we are confronting at present, as suggested by the Mayan Calendar, is a major end cycle that is occuring at multiple levels. It is the end of time as we’ve consciously understood it. Because the universe, the planet, and humanity go through life/death cycles on a regular basis, it appears that a new time/space continuum, with opportunities for consciousness busting, is emerging in its place.

San Francisco bay area organizations, driven by Silicon Valley technology, are consciousness busters that are now creating the planet’s future sustainable models. These new models are largely based on initiatives to replace our dysfunctional local systems. We are building new structures driven by eco-consciousness and idealism, which will create new foundations and opportunities for future living. We are developing the structures that we dreamed about in the 60s and 70s. We are thinking globally and acting locally.

As consciousness busters, we are being tasked to take our highest visions and implement new and improved solutions consciously, steering them to completion. The future is ours to create, as is our choice of whether or not to consciously birth our highest vision. FMBR invites you to participate in this unprecedented opportunity to create the future.

Dawn Abel

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