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November, 2011

Member Profile - Pei Lin

Pei Lin is a software engineer at Cadence Design System, Inc. Five years ago, she saw an FMBR meeting announcement and decided to check it out. She has been a member of FMBR ever since and recently joined the board of directors as the treasurer. She loves to travel, is interested in Qi Gong, energy healing, flower arranging, hiking and reading. She says she likes FMBR because of the great lectures on a wide range of topics. "It broadens my understanding of everything from the molecular level to the universe. It also provides a place to meet people with the same interest." She adds, " I often hear people say that there is not much research done on the subtle energy and they regard anything that's paranormal as superstitious. I would encourage them come to FMBR to hear the talks, or go to a library to do some research. There is plenty of valuable information out there if one is willing to open their mind and look." You will often see Pei at the front desk during monthly meetings. Make sure you say hello!

Let It Be Dance!

Not long ago an FMBR member, Christine Rosche, local Heart-Math practitioner (and occasional circle dancer) offered me an opportunity to experience the emWave technology offered by the HeartMath Institute of Boulder Creek, She hooked me up to the stress monitor and instructed me to connect to my heart, close my eyes, relax and listen to the lovely music. After a few moments, she asked what I was doing, because I had moved from the red, to the blue and then to the green level of coherence very quickly. She remarked that this was unusual for a first session. I had been circle dancing before this experience, and I just continued to "dance" to the music in my mind. It was, of course, an 8-bar waltz and I was "heart-dancing" to the steps to "Winds on the Tor!"

Nearly every culture has a history of dancing in a circle, creating coherent rhythm and movement to strengthen community and mark special occasions. Perhaps these dances serve a purpose beyond a celebration. Perhaps circle dancing allows participants to create a group resonance -- a coherence within the circle that has a calming and ultimately therapeutic effect. Evidence of "the shift" into greater "heart consciousness" grows every day, particularly as we approach "the Age of Aquarius" on 11-11-11. All these words like "shift," "entering into," "embarking on" imply movement - why not let it be dance!

Holly Crain,, is a dance therapist who leads Sacred Dance Circles
at Unity Church and at Integrated Healing Arts in Palo Alto.

October, 2011

From the Chairman

As I have been talking with many members of FMBR and the outside community of seekers, I realize that everyone enjoys and benefits from learning from others who are on the same path. We can all share in the joint knowledge gained on this path. Thus, I thought it would be beneficial to have an open forum prior to our monthly meetings for questions and answers from the audience. Our own panel of experts, the same audience, would then answer the questions. We will do this for the first 15 minutes and then choose a topic for a short presentation, also no more than 15 minutes in length, prior to the main presentation of the evening. Please join us and add your voice to the discussion! Jerry Gin, PhD.

Meet Our New Board Member

Ms. Maslocka is an entrepreneur, writer, poet and social activist. She has been CEO of three successful companies, launched the Lasik procedure and held senior executive positions in public and private companies. Her love of new science, technology, and finance combined with interest in mysticism and all that is not understood calls her to a deeper understanding of the world; world events and solutions for a just world. She graduated from Boston College and Harvard University.

September, 2011

Board News

At the summer meeting of FMBR's board of directors, Helen Maslocka was invited to join the board. Helen will be filling the vacancy left by Austin Marx, who has been given Emeritus status. At October's FMBR meeting, a vote will be held to confirm the following to board positions:
• for a term ending in 2014: Mary Cummings, currently Vice President, Administration; Judy Kitt, currently President; Ken Morley, currently Director of Communication
• for a term ending in 2012: Helen Maslocka
• for term ending 2013: Pei Lin will replace Peggy Gin as Treasurer.

May, 2011



Title: Metamorphosis--A Multimedia Presentation
<<...>>       <<...>>

This time on Earth is unlike any other. The old world is dying and a new world is being born. It can be so easy to feel overwhelmed with all the turmoil occurring around us. Sacred geometry, however, can help us navigate our way through the precarious seas. Sacred geometry is the ancient art, science and philosophy of space and proportion. It addresses the laws of creation and the inner workings of nature. It has been used by civilizations around the world for thousands of years as a way of connecting with the harmony of Universal Order. Sacred geometry reveals a world of profound order and sublime beauty. It can be comforting to experience unchanging principles in an ever-changing world. It can help us align with the forces of nature so we can move in harmony with the changes rather than be overwhelmed by them. The presentation includes a new feature involving the interplay of radiant and reflective color that causes static mandalas to spring to life and go through amazing metamorphic transformations before your very eyes.

Jonathan Quintin/ Artist and Cosmologist

Jonathan Quintin was born and raised in provincial New Zealand. From an early age he was attracted to the teachings of ancient wisdom and the beauty and order of nature. He left home at an early age and worked at marine radio stations around New Zealand before venturing overseas at the age of 21. That marked the beginning of his many years of extensive travels around the world - with a particular interest in ancient civilizations. His radio qualifications enabled him to find employment on ships and oil rigs in the North Sea and with the United Nations in the Middle East.

For the past 24 years he has pursued a course of comprehensive study and artistic expression of sacred geometry. The fundamental premise of his work is that at every level of existence - from the microcosm to the macrocosm - the same key patterns bring all things into manifestation.

Jonathan's quest as an artist is to provide various modalities that help attune human consciousness to the harmony of universal order. He shows how the shapes, patterns and forms of sacred geometry are harmonic keys that can help open us to states of higher consciousness.

April, 2011

An FMBR Special Event: After-Death Communication

Bill Guggenheim, an authority on after-death communication (ADC), will discuss his thirty year journey into researching and documenting over 3,000 first-hand accounts of communication with the dead, including stories from children, and instructions on inducing after-death communications. Guggenheim had his own instance of ADC, when a disembodied voice warned him to go check the swimming pool. He did, and found his young son on the verge of drowning and was able to save him. He believes the voice he heard was that of his own father, who passed away when he was 8 years old. Guggenheim, who coined the term ADC, defined it as a spiritual experience when "someone is contacted directly and spontaneously" by a deceased loved one or friend, without the use of psychics, mediums, rituals, or devices of any kind. It's estimated that 50-100 million Americans - -20-40% of the population of the United States--have had one or more ADC experiences. Bill Guggenheim serves on the Board of Advisors of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS). He is a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) and several other organizations that minister to the needs of the terminally ill and the bereaved. He, and his wife, Judy created The ADC Project in May, 1988 to conduct the first in-depth research of After-Death Communications. In their initial research, they interviewed 2,000 people and collected more than 3,300 firsthand accounts from people who believe they have been contacted by a loved one who had died. Their first book, Hello From Heaven! was published in hardcover Bantam Books in April, 1996.

Member Profile— Valeria Dumitru

Valeria Dumitru is a retired registered nurse who practiced private duty nursing for over 30 years. In the 1970's, she was introduced to holistic health and the concept that the body has the innate ability to heal itself by Effie Poy Chow in San Francisco. Valeria published the first Directory of Holistic Practitioners as well as a successful booklet, "The Keys to Holistic Living", soon to be revised and republished. Through her interest in the body, mind and spirit she found FMBR and started attending talks in the 1980's. She hosted FMBR's holiday party in her home for 5 years.

March, 2011

February, 2011

Visited by an Orb

Wellness Festival Report
By Jerry Gin, PhD

The organizers of the second annual Wellness Festival invited FBMR to participate as a group interested in fostering wellness. The festival occurred on January 30th, and it was a good chance to see all the types of organizations that foster wellness from different perspectives. As Chairman of FMBR, I spoke on wellness from the perspective of creating and maintaining the balance of the heart, mind and spirit. Smart Life Forum Program Director Mike Korek (also FMBR member) described their monthly lectures which bring leading experts to talk about a myriad of subjects that contribute to wellness.

There were two keynote speakers who focused on wellness. Prof. Adiel Tel-Oren, MD, whose talk was titled "Should Food Really Be Your Medicine?" stressed that in addition to focusing on proper nutrition in the foods we eat, we should also recognize that there are other underlying causes of wellness problems such as toxins, metabolic disorders, etc. John Robbins' talk was titled "The New Good Life". He spoke about being ecologically mindful about the foods we eat and where they come from.

The other organizations that participated were: The Table of Life Meetup, HumVeganity Meetup, Project Wellbeing, SBay Raw Food Meetup, Int'l Association of Cancer Victors & Friends, The East Bay Eco Health Network, Peninsula Wellness Group Meetup, SF Bay Area Boot Camp Meetup, Holistic Moms Network, The Ecopolitan Network, Wellness Cuisine Chefs, The Happy Omega-3 Meetup. In addition to the talks, there were exhibitors/vendors providing services or products to promote wellness.

Member Profile
Marsha Sims

Marsha Sims joined FMBR in 1992. She has an extensive background in music, education, graphic and multimedia design, editing, publication production, photography, and administration. She has worked in administration for many large companies, including the California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics, the Optical Sciences Laboratory at Lockheed Martin, and the NASA-Stanford-Lockheed Gravity Probe B Experiment.

Marsha currently teaches piano, voice and guitar. She is a semi-professional songwriter and is president of Una Aria Music (BMI) listed as a music publisher in the Billboard Buyer's Guide. Currently Marsha is excited to be performing the lead role in Carmen by Georges Bizet, at the Bay Terrace Theater in Vallejo. In addition, she has a Fine Art Photography Show of magical and spiritual nature moments from the sacred Monument Valley, AZ/UT, and California. This show goes through the end of March at the Lift Fitness Center in Mountain View.

Marcia shares her work in photography, graphic arts, opera singing, music, performing arts, theater and songwriting as her expression of love and beauty. She feels that it is important to share the positive gifts that each of us has to make the world a richer place. She likes FMBR because of the chance to interface with the creative members who think outside of the box on topics such as spirituality, science, healing, psychic experiences, etc. "The lectures and workshops are great fun!" Visit her at

Marsha's mission statement: "I am committed to Love & Beauty through myself and others!"

At the annual FMBR holiday party, held in December, members of the foundation gathered to celebrate the holidays and FMBR’s 30th anniversary. About 60 long-time members, recent members, past speakers, future speakers and invited guests enjoyed great food, lively conversation and lovely music. Some of the many former and present members of the board gathered for photos as people who were around when FMBR was founded reminisced about the foundation’s history and many spoke excitedly about the foundation’s future.

A great number of people commented on how great the energy of the gathering felt. It must have been very positive, as we were visited during the singing by a beautiful , which was captured in a photo, hovering above co-founder Bill Gough’s wife, Marion. Upon seeing the photo, she commented “Oh, you photographed my guardian angel!” (The term orb describes unexpected, typically circular artifacts that occur in flash photography—sometimes with trails indicating motion. Some people claim that these are intelligent manifestations of energy while others claim, not entirely convincingly, that they are simply dust particles.)
Picture of Marion: A single orb appears in the upper left hand corner of the photo above the balloons. Left to right: Marion Gough, Ginny McKim, Jim Biggerstaff; Bruce Ratcliff in the background.

BOOK REVIEW: The World of David Wilcock
Jerry Gin, Chairman

I found reading about David Wilcock and his work very intriguing. He is a “seer” who claims to get information from the same “source” that provided Edgar Cayce with his prolific and penetrating insight on many healings and his “life readings” on previous lives. Edgar Cayce died in 1945, but before he died, he said he would reappear in 1998. Evidence presented in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, by Wynn Free, indicates that David Wilcock is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. This book serves as an introduction to the writings and beliefs/transmissions of David Wilcock which is described in detail in his free books and writings on his website: (see his on-line books: The Divine Cosmos, The Shift of the Ages, The Science of Oneness). Whether or not one believes he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, he presents intriguing information about ascension, the nature of consciousness (and group consciousness), spirituality, the “law of one”, role of Ra and the creation of the pyramids, the Mayan calendar, a summary of the data on the earth changes as well as the changes in the solar system and the galaxy, and many other interesting subjects. David tries to bolster the information he has obtained from his “source” by summarizing esoteric and scientific data. Information ranges from scientific data on earth/galaxy changes to information on how DNA can be affected non-chemically but by “energy” to create hybrid species, to hypotheses on torsion fields and torsion waves which might be involved in pyramid power as well as consciousness (knowing full well there is much controversy about such subjects). I like the hypotheses because it might foster more scientific work in these esoteric areas and thus contributes to a better understanding of consciousness.

Member Profile—

Bill Virga

Bill Virga has been a member of FMBR since 1998. He has had a retail window cleaning business for 30 years and has been a Transpersonal Psychotherapist for the past 13 years. His passion is exploring the journey of the soul, which includes working with abused children and women getting off of drugs and alcohol, and examining the spiritual and paranormal. He is attracted to the community of FMBR, the speakers as well as the audience.

January, 2011


JANUARY 30: Bay Area Wellness Festival, 2 to 7  pm Cubberley Community Theatre, Admission $10

FEBRUARY 25: This Is Your Blood on Processed Food, 7:30  pm Speaker: Beverly Rubik, PhD

FEBRUARY 26: Workshop with Beverly Rubik: Improving the Biological Terrain

MARCH 25: The World of Science, and a Science of the World , >7:30 pm . Speaker: Peter A. Sturrock, PhD

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