This symbol is an emblem of the Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve and Raphael are enjoying life and discussing philosophy – which is the whole purpose of existence.  Raphael’s wings are folded into a mudra, pointing heavenward.  His hands are saying ‘as above,’ spiritual,  and Eve’s ‘so below,’ material.  Adam’s are saying ‘so?’  Eve is being the gracious hostess, seeing to the comfort of her friends.

The design is florid, with fancy chairs, vines, palms, and luxuries of every sort – the abundance of Nature, in a rich landscape.  The composition of the picture is in a rotating motion pivoting around Eve’s genitals, the gateway to manifestation, as the vortex.  The phallus, the tree of life, is shown in balance above her vulva, pointing to heavenward and erupting in an abundance of fruit (sperm).




When I lived in Switzerland they had a five-franc coin, a fine heavy substantial goldish piece that could really buy something.  It was a thick coin and inscribed around the edge were the words DOMINE PROVEDERUM – God Provides.  Every time I spent one of those coins I reflected on where it came from.  Everything that is living at this moment is living by the grace and the nourishment of Providence!  Our food, our air and water, our care and attention – all are undeserved gifts from an abundant and loving Nature.  We are truly too poor and helpless to manage anything by ourselves.  Why, no one even can guess today what vitamins and minerals are yet to be discovered that are essential for Life.  But Life goes on anyway, in the capable hands of a higher Agent.


We are too ignorant and too innocent to take care of even our most humble affairs.  We will learn a lot in the future, as we have in the past, but the future is an infinite path, unwinding slowly ahead of us, and we are only just beginning to creep along its way.  In a state of such babyhood, the only sensible course is one of absolute trust, just as the newborn trusts its mother.  This leads us to the great cosmic law, Expect Nothing.  Much better is in store for us than we could possibly be aware of.  Don’t limit providence by our childish  expectations.


How can we know that the future is benevolent?  Why should we trust it?  Look backward.  Even your worst times were good for you.  At Passover we celebrate the forty years of wandering in the desert with Moses.  Hard times are good for us, says Toynbee, the historian.  The Chinese philosopher Ummon gave a koan a thousand years ago,


“Every day is a good day.

 Every day is a bad day.

 Every day is medicine.

 Every day is a good day.

 Quick, tell me right now, which side are you on!”


Then he smacks you hard on the head to get your maximum attention.

Providence is abundant.  The Universe has an unlimited bank account reserved in your name, particularly to be used for your enjoyment.  But to draw on it you must write the check!  Supply goes up when demand increases.  Use it or lose it.


Play the ancient game of philosophers, Summum Bonum – what is the highest good?  Play it with yourself.  Play it with your friends.  The rules are very simple.  There are no losers.  Everyone is a winner.  Young and old can play equally.  Every move is a correct move.  Here are some possibilities, just for a start.




sitting by a mountain brook


music / art


youthful exuberance


falling in love


making love


being in love










experiencing the immanent




learning / curiosity


returning home




the Peace of God that passeth all understanding




what is


Which brings us to the topic of love.  Where, in a treatise on Cosmic Law, should love enter in?  Why, of course, in this chapter on sustenance.  Love sustains.  “God is Love.”  Love is unconditional.  It cannot be defined.  It can only be experienced.  It is the ultimate nourishment.


Love is the demonstration of supply increasing demand and demand increasing supply.  According to Wendy’s Law of Tantra – “if  love for one increases, then love for all increases.”  My bond to Joel increases my bond to Wendy, to be shared.  The sustaining quality of love is epitomized in Frost’s impeccable sonnet–


The Silken Tent


She is as in a field a silken tent

At midday when a sunny summer breeze

Has dried the dew and all its ropes relent,

So that in guys it gently sways at ease,

And its supporting central cedar pole,

That is its pinnacle to heavenward

And signifies the sureness of the soul,

Seems to owe naught to any single cord

But strictly held by none, is loosely bound

By countless silken ties of love and thought

To everything on earth the compass round,

And only by one’s going slightly taut

In the capriciousness of summer air

Is of the slightest bondage made aware.



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