My passion is physics,, the study of Nature.† My earliest memories as a small child were being read to from the Bible and from an anthology of the traditional Persian, Greek, Indian, Arabic and Chinese literature.† As my studies in physics developed, certain parallels in the wisdom canon and in mathematics and physics began to emerge.† My graduate research in topology and quantum stability were much colored by my growing grasp of the Taoist and Vedic sutras.† For instance, certain ancient Buddhist texts correlate directly with the principle of least action (Hamilton-Jacobi) and Newtonís laws.


Later on, as my world view developed, I was profoundly influenced by the thinking of Wittgenstein, Schroedinger, and, above all, C.S. Peirce.† My professional life in science and business carried me first hand to many parts of the world and to many cultures.


It gradually became clear to me that the fundamental structures of the world of matter, the world of the mind, and the world of the abstract were identical and interwoven.† There are indeed patterns in the universe, patterns that are truly invariant.† And they are surprisingly beautiful and simple!


In the 1990ís, I began teaching a one-year course in consciousness and cosmology at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles, and then later for the Holmes Institute.† These courses are still continuing.† This book, Cosmic Law, was extracted from the course material.


It was written for you, my friends and students.† Let it help you uncover the underlying and often hidden axioms of your life.† Let it help you see the invariants of reality and find your home, right here, where are just now, situated precisely at the Center of the Universe.


Dean Brown

Alamo, California

January 2002



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