Web links to sites that are oriented toward educational activities:

  • Global Shift University (not working apr14,2011)
    GSU will use 21st Century tools and techniques to create a continuously interconnected network of highly and specially trained 'catalysts' who will work in tandem within existing and newly created public and private institutions and companies towards the achievement of a common set of goals.

  • Independent Scholars of Asia
    Independent Scholars of Asia is a professional, non-profit, non-partisan organization that represents Asian specialists who (a) prefer to stay independent, (b) are looking for a tenured academic position, (c) are considering an alternative career, or (d) are planning a career in the field of Asian studies.

  • Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
    ITP is a leader in transpersonal research and education of clinicians, spiritual guides, wellness caregivers, and consultants who apply transpersonal principles and values in a variety of settings.
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Updated April 14 , 2011.