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    Good News Now Vision Statement

    There are different ways to look at our world. We keep "in touch" with the world around us through the media. Good or bad it keeps us informed and helps shape our world view. Good News Now is a media outlet that seeks to find the stories in the news that are hard to find. We look for the good in an evolving news story. Behind most stories, even tragic ones are acts of courage, acts of human kindness and compassion. We look for those stories. We closely follow the humanitarian responses to world crisis. We seek out articles that can improve your life, uplift your spirit, and expand your knowledge of the world.


    About Good News Daily

    Good News Daily is not Politically or Religiously connected or affiliated in any way.  Our belief system is simple.  The media portrays all news as bad when in fact many good things are happening around the world on a daily basis.  Good News Daily seeks to post good news stories from around the world whether it is todays news or a 50 year old story.  We believe that the obsession and inundation of people with bad news on a daily basis is not in our best interest as it makes people feel negative about the world around them.  Instead we believe that since the mainstream news stations of the world focus on bad news and dirty laundry almost exclusively we will instead focus on good news and give people the option to hear simply that or mix it with whatever percentage of bad news they see fit.


    Good News Network

    Our mission is simple. Lots of people hunger for positive news in their lives and sense this need in society as well. The birth of positive news programming was inevitable in today's media landscape and it will become a permanent fixture in the culture of the 21st century.

    No place for negative news? Negative news is an important staple of any well-informed citizenry and necessary for society's evolution. But, today we are in dire need of a well-balanced media diet. Local TV news, especially, has been continually feeding us junk food. We need to be informed by a world view that is not dripping with sensationalism and attuned to the police scanner.

    Why Good News? There are many ways that positive news can improve our lives by bringing emotional well-being, health and even prosperity.

    How do we define 'good' news? Good question. No matter what the story line, "compelling" is the bottom line. We try to find news that's worth your time. We have a Good News Philosophy which defines our content and audience. Our audience shares a set of values that lead to a common ground. For instance, our target audience shares a commitment to personal development and environmentally-friendly living.


    Good News Blog

    So GoodNewsBlog.com is all about…? About real news, about positive news. It’s about people helping people, lucky escapes, miraculous rescues, great scientific breakthroughs. It’s about the majority of people going about their daily lives without making that bad big impact that gets them that negative headline. It’s about you and me just living our daily life.

    But most of all it is a kind of truth in advertisement thing: everyday news is good and it feels great reading about it.

    That same truth in advertisement thing means Good News is not about “prettying” it up, about seeing the world through pink sun glasses. Often the positive and negative go hand in hand in a news story.


Updated April 14 , 2011.